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We solve the unsolved.
Guiding discrete manufacturers along a clear and practical path to who you want to be.

Visual Business Solutions has been solving the unsolved since 1993.

We enable your business to focus on what you do best by developing solutions that make perfect sense.


As former manufacturing executives, we’ve learned through experience how to turn an organization’s vision into tangible results. VBS guides by combining the world’s most capable ERP system with an insider’s perspective into manufacturing. Your ERP investment is critical to your company’s success and should add value to your organization. Choosing the right software is a complex decision, as well as choosing a trusted implementation partner to help navigate the selection and deployment process to realize maximum value.

Strategic Partnership

Organizations look to VBS as a strategic partner for our deep industry knowledge, our ability to bring clarity to and around your business, delivering insightful, practical, value-driven results you can see. Our team of manufacturing and technology experts provide ERP implementation, consulting, and process management solutions that improve revenue, productivity, and customer satisfaction. We will work with you to maximize the value from your ERP system through technical services and continuous improvement.

VBS will help to define your blueprint for change to solve the unsolved in your business and ensure your success.

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Our passion is to bring clarity & real solutions that make perfect sense in order to solve the unsolved in your business.