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April 2020


Quick communication, overnight adjustments and valued feedback set us up for success – Prater Industries Testimonial

Quick communication, overnight adjustments and valued feedback set us up for success – Prater Industries Testimonial 640 137 David Sheriff

“VBS gave immediate responses, quick updates and personal calls. The partnership with VBS and their interest in new ideas and feedback was very valuable.” — Pete Hinzy, Vice President and General Manager at Prater Industries

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Prater Industries realized excessive time was being spent on repetitive tasks, so Pete signed up for the VBS COVID-19 Response Kit. Right away, he saw the benefit of the free tool, but believed it could be enhanced and even more helpful. Pete shared with VBS his new ideas and requests for how the kit should function and the different options it should provide. VBS quickly embraced the ideas and made overnight adjustments to better support Prater’s unique business needs. Whenever a new idea was brought to VBS, an update was made, Prater was notified, and feedback was requested. VBS did not just offer a standard kit across the board, but they did the right thing and truly considered Prater’s needs and worked directly with them to achieve success. 

Prater is confident that when the economy reopens, they will be stronger and more resilient than before. Working with VBS has helped streamline Prater’s processes allowing their employees to keep up with growing business demands and provide the best experience and top-notch service for their customers. 

About Prater Industries 

Prater brings people together to provide process solutions that feed, nurture and house the world. They develop and provide innovative, tailored material size reduction, separation and process solutions. Prater offers a wide range of equipment for particle size reduction, enlargement, feeding and separation such as hammer mills, fine grinders, lump breakers, classifiers, rotary airlock valve feeders and more. All Prater equipment, parts and systems are designed and built to provide years of low maintenance, reliable service. Prater also offers highly skilled and experienced technical services on-site for start-up, troubleshooting and preventative maintenance. 

About VBS

Visual Business Solutions (VBS) enables your business to focus on what you do best by developing solutions that make perfect sense. As a leading provider of Infor business application software solutions and consulting, we pride ourselves on our three uniques that set us apart from the competition: Providing transparent and accountable projects, solving what others can’t, and real life experience, not just theory. Learn more about The VBS Way.