Advanced Material Planning

Originally designed to accommodate the needs of make-to-stock and repetitive manufacturers, the Advanced Material Planning window provides practical functionality for the make-to-order manufacturer with the bulk release of planned materials. These planned materials, whether for production or purchase can be consolidated or further delineated released orders.

  • Facilitate intelligent planning, viewing, and managing of parts with multiple Planning Calendars (i.e., daily, weekly, monthly, etc) and multiple warehouses.
  • Drill down to view item details for customer orders, work orders, purchase orders, and planned orders while viewing summary information by time period.
  • Master schedule planned parts from the Master Production Schedule window, including manipulation/consolidation of customer forecast data.
  • Be alerted to exception conditions and view system recommended remedial actions.
  • Firm multiple planned orders for a variety of parts for a specified date range.
  • Define Planning Bills of Material that include sub-assemblies for real or planned parts.
  • Create alternate Master Production Schedule scenarios via Planning Forecasts.
  • Identify multi-level part relationships and specify the percentage of each subordinate part to the parent.
  • Generate MRP by independent warehouses; view supply and demand separately in these warehouses.