Give the power of advanced configure-price-quote (CPQ) technology to your entire network with Infor Configure Price Quote. With this image-driven, easy-to-use solution, you'll guarantee one vision from order to delivery--while cutting costs and boosting profits.

Whether configuring products or forming component kits, your salesforce, partners, and distributors can provide the ideal buying experience to customers: fast, accurate, and visual. Become a preferred vendor in your industry--and shift more resources to innovating.

Increase Sales, Reduce Costs, and Differentiate Your Brand

  • Image-based configurator software
  • Dynamic, customizable user experience
  • Product rules and constraints engine
  • Integrates with CRM, ERP, and CAD systems
  • Multi-channel capabilities
  • Cloud-based or on-premise
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    Infor CPQ

    Demo: Infor Configure Price Quote

    View this 18-minute demo video to explore how Infor Configure Price Quote streamlines product customization, quoting, ordering, and documentation for manufacturers, distributors, and dealers.

    Download: Industry Perspective

    Infor Configure Price Quote solutions help you

    Extend CPQ to your dealers and distributors--Your entire sales network can generate accurate quotes and proposals that take advantage of 2D and 3D images for faster ordering and customer confirmation.

    Increase sales and order add-ons--Use our robust Sales Portal to show all available options, including dealer-specific accessories and services.

    Reduce cost-per-order--Eliminate manual entry for sales order details, bills of materials (BOMs), and routings for all potential product combinations.

    Improve accuracy and customer satisfaction--Shorten your turnaround times and wow customers with precisely customized deliverables.

    Differentiate your brand through innovation--With exact technical specs available through a simple click, engineers can focus on creating new product lines.

    Quickly turn new hires into product experts--Sales reps use an easy, guided quoting process replete with all technical specifications that quickly bring them up-to-speed.

    Accelerate the documentation process--Automatically produce BOMs and instructions, then send them directly into your ERP system and generate detailed proposals to send to your customers.

    Infor Configure Price Quote delivers industry-specific functionality for manufacturers and distributors of custom products, including:

    Aerospace Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO)
    Quickly refurbish or produce custom parts for commercial airlines, smaller regional airlines, charter companies, military organizations, and private and business aircraft owners.

    Agricultural Equipment
    Better manage seasonal demand, international competition, and material costs to give your customers the tools for higher crop yields.

    Enjoy deep support for visual catalog selection, kitting of multi-product solutions and systems, and the ability to configure orders specific to extensive promotion requirements.

    Doors and Windows
    Profitably manage as-promised complexity, while conquering shifts in demand, regional preferences, and the singular challenges of door/window distribution.

    Fashion Embellishment
    Get a handle on your thousands of jewel, embroidery, and fabric combinations--and turn them into a competitive strength.

    Counter intense price competition and intense regulation with accuracy and innovation that can help you sell more custom household and office furniture.

    Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
    Use product configuration to help alleviate energy consumption and refrigerant regulation challenges, whether you're an HVAC manufacturer or a distributor.

    Medical Devices
    Use configure-price-quote (CPQ) to be more competitive and successfully navigate your product liability, patent, and IP concerns.

    Plastic Fabrication
    Increase sales, accuracy, and configured product innovations, despite fluctuating crude oil prices and interest rates.

    Printing and Packaging
    Use product configuration management to boost your business, despite declining demand and do-it-yourself alternatives.

    Pumps and Meters
    Perfect your company's ordering and configuring, while more effectively juggling thousands of flow, diameter, and mounting combinations.

    Vehicles--Specialty and Marine
    Cut your costs and increase sales--whether you manufacture fire or rescue vehicles, commercial buses, or marine vehicles.

    Infor Product Configurator

    Download: Infor Product Configurator Data Sheet

    Capture knowledge about your customizable products once, and then share with dealers and your sales force--on any device--to make selection and configuration intuitive and error-free. You can deploy the configurator for a specific function, or across all your applications and computing platforms.

    Fast and accurate quoting and configurator software

    Infor Product Configurator offers manufacturers and distributors the configure-price-quote (CPQ) capabilities to boost sales in any industry. This flexible solution integrates with virtually any system to accelerate product configuration, pricing, and quoting--for all your selling channels.

    Our visual, rules-based configurator software captures your engineering and pricing knowledge to help turn even a new sales rep or dealer into a product expert. Eliminate order errors and become the preferred vendor in your market.

    Unique capabilities

    With Infor Product Configurator software, manufacturers and distributors can easily build comprehensive product models that make the selection and configuration of even the most complex products intuitive and error-free. Deploy the graphical configurator for a specific sales function, or across all your applications and computing platforms.

    Intuitive, customizable user experience

    Equip your sales team and dealers with a dynamically rendered user experience that presents the right product view and pricing, based on role, language, location, and viewing device. Customize the look and feel to simplify option selection without programming. Use our APIs for custom extensions to integrate with existing programs.

    Powerful configuration engine

    Instantly process rules and constraints in product models to enable guided selection of only compatible features, options, and dimensions. Use real-time visualization and accurate pricing to boost customer confidence and expedite order confirmation. Automatically generate bills of materials (BOM), routings, computer-aided design (CAD) models, and more.

    Image-based design studio

    With a graphical user interface, you can create a visual presentation of a complex product model, with point-and-click access to details of every rule and constraint. Let sales reps, dealers, and customers iteratively develop new product configuration quotations and orders in real time, with accurately updated pricing information.

    Infor Sales Portal

    Download: Infor Sales Portal Data Sheet

    See what you're customizing during quoting and ordering. Enjoy detailed visualization, and abandon sales manuals, spreadsheets, and disparate software. Quickly train new sales people and extend this power visualization to dealers and distributors.

    As a manufacturer or distributor of complex products, you need to configure, quote, and sell quickly--and accurately--to stay competitive. Chances are, you're working with disparate and ineffective tools like sales manuals, spreadsheets, and siloed software.

    With Infor Sales Portal, you get a comprehensive quoting and ordering system for selling both configured and standard products through all your channels, including dealers and your direct sales force. You'll have a single point of control for sharing product, customer, and order information with all back-end manufacturing and business systems, as well as web-based collaborative demand and supply chain systems, so you can be sure that everyone in your value chain is working with the most up-to-date information.

    This solution is so easy-to-use, you can quickly tailor the quoting and selling experience to your market and unique needs--with no assistance.

    What it is

    Infor Sales Portal is a comprehensive quoting and ordering system for selling and distributing configured and standard products through all your channels, including dealers and your direct sales force.

    Your partners and customers will find you easier to do business with by speeding up the quoting and ordering process to respond faster than your competition, and essentially allow your selling channels to sell anywhere.

    What it does

    With Infor Sales Portal, you get a range of capabilities to guide sales people, channel partners, and key customers through product selection, configuration, pricing, quoting, proposal, ordering, and status inquiry. You get:

    • A flexible product catalog that provides the information users need to identify, visualize, and order both configurable and standard products.
    • Guided product selection that goes beyond standard catalog search capabilities to help users identify and select the products that best fit their needs, while still ensuring a valid product.
    • Collaboration capabilities that support fast, effective communication and up-to-the-minute data share throughout all levels of your sales channels.
    • An Internet-centric deployment model that offers on premises options. You manage one system and one data repository and know everyone has up-to-date information.
    • Easy integration with enterprise and partner business processes using industry-standard tools.

    What it means

    With Infor Sales Portal you can:

    • Put the knowledge of your product experts to use.
    • Pursue more opportunities by speeding the quoting and ordering process.
    • Increase your deal size by recognizing up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
    • Protect margins by ensuring consistent application of pricing rules.
    • Reduce selling costs by eliminating the need for paper quoting tools and catalogs.
    • Get the right tools into the hands of your sales people, regardless of where they work.
    • Support your growth plans by quickly training new sales staff and deploying consistent selling processes globally.

    Increase your win rate by adding mobility to sell anywhere, anytime, and eliminate product and pricing errors.

    Infor 2D Design Automation

    Download: Infor 2D Design Automation Data Sheet

    Bring your highly detailed products to life for customers and enable immediate confirmation of the product, its features, and add-on options. You'll be able to reduce order errors and generate configuration-specific outputs for future use.

    Complex, configured products can be hard to select and configure. You need tools that make the process intuitive and virtually error-free.

    With Infor 2D Design Automation, you can bring your products to life by providing immediate visual confirmation of the product, its features, and options. You'll be able to reduce order errors by providing real-time visual feedback of selected options. And, you can eliminate non-value-added time by generating configuration-specific outputs for use by sales and manufacturing.

    What it is

    Infor 2D Design Automation is a powerful geometry engine that works with Infor Product Configurator to dynamically generate dimensionally accurate 2D visuals.

    Add Infor 2D Design Automation to Infor Product Configurator, and you gain the ability to visualize configured products in dynamic two-dimensional images. You'll get real-time visual feedback on options you select to reduce order errors. And, you'll get configuration-specific outputs for use by sales and manufacturing, which eliminates time and errors.

    What it does

    With Infor 2D Design Automation, you get tools for:

    Generating dynamic 2D models and drawings--Dynamically generate dimensionally accurate 2D visuals that can be output in a variety of raster formats, including jpeg, and gif. Or generate those outputs in vector formats for use as:

    • 2D model images displayed during the configuration process and on the Infor Sales Portal quote screens.
    • 2D print images used in printed documents such as bids, proposals, product brochures, and reports.
    • Annotated drawings used in submittals or as sales drawings.
    • AutoCAD and CAD files that engineers and designers include in their own CAD drawings.

    Product visualization--Get immediate confirmation that a configured product looks exactly the way the customer wants it to look. You can run interactively as an integral part of the configuration process or after you've made all configuration selections.

    Output generation--Run 2D drawings after the configuration process is complete to generate other 2D output files for use in bid, proposal, and submittal documents. You can view and edit generated drawings using a variety of image handling programs.

    Dimensional calculation--You can query the Infor 2D Design Automation geometry engine for values it calculates based upon inputs from the configurator. The system passes key driving dimensions to the geometry engine, which resolves the constraints and dimensional relationships to calculate the values of derived dimensions. This allows you to separate complex engineering logic from the configuration rules, and help you reduce computation errors and improve performance.

    Developing models with popular CAD tools--You can use the 2D sketching capabilities of popular CAD systems, enhanced with Infor 2D Design Automation, to create the parametric 2D template models used by the geometry engine. With this innovative approach, existing drawings can often be turned into "smart" 2D models, in a matter of hours. This reduces model design time, makes it easier to maintain complex logins, and optimizes run-time performance.

    What it means

    With Infor 2D Design Automation you can:

    • Reduce order errors by providing dimensionally accurate visual confirmation of product configurations.
    • Reduce engineering resource costs by automating the creation of drawings and CAD files.
    • Provide value-added sales deliverables that might otherwise be too costly to produce.
    • Streamline production and help ensure quality by providing manufacturing with configuration-specific drawings.
    • Simplify product modules by using a powerful geometric engine for complex calculations.

    Infor 3D Design Automation

    Download: Infor 3D Design Automation Data Sheet

    Use 3D CAD technology to automatically generate configuration-specific 3D models, drawings, and manufacturing information. You can accelerate design and delivery, while reducing cost and engineering time.

    Take advantage of the power of 3D CAD technology to automate the generation of configuration-specific 3D models, drawings, and manufacturing information.

    When you use Infor 3D Design Automation in conjunction with Infor Product Configurator, you can accelerate the design and delivery of configured products, while reducing cost and freeing valuable engineering time.

    What it is

    Use Infor 3D Design Automation in conjunction with Infor Product Configurator to automate the generation of configuration-specific detailed 3D models, drawings, and manufacturing information for individual customer orders.

    With 3D Design Automation, you'll be able to design and deliver configured products more quickly, while reducing costs and freeing valuable engineering time.

    What it does

    With Infor 3D Design Automation, you'll be able to:

    Generate dynamic 3D models and drawings--Dynamically generate configuration-specific 3D models based on user entered features, options, and dimensions using Infor 3D Design Automation with the Product Configurator and your 3D CAD system. Infor Product Configurator and Infor 3D Design Automation dynamically resolve 3D CAD model templates containing assembly and part templates, parametric relationships, and geometric constraints at run-time to generate CAD outputs, as well as detail drawings and manufacturing information.

    Rapidly create as-engineered product definitions--3D models dramatically reduce the time and cost required to produce configuration-specific product definitions at an as-engineered level of detail and accuracy suitable for use by engineering, sales, and manufacturing.

    With Infor 3D Design Automation, you can reduce time-consuming and tedious manual CAD operator activity with automatic generation of:

    • High-level models and quote drawings to support product visualization and customer collaboration during the configuration and sales process.
    • Specification drawings and CAD files for delivery to the customer, once the order is placed.
    • Shop drawings such as detail, section, quality, and inspection drawings at the assembly, subassembly, and component level for use by manufacturing.
    • Detailed assembly models for use by engineers for further engineering analysis or to generate CNC instructions for numerically controlled equipment.

    Take advantage of an innovative design methodology--Designers can use 3D Design Automation design methodology with Infor Product Configurator rules along with their existing 3D CAD system to develop product family models. These models can then used as templates for the automatic generation of configuration-specific product designs. In addition to supporting the automatic generation process, this approach speeds the design process. It produces product family models that are faster and less expensive to develop and maintain than traditional 3D models developed using the CAD system alone.

    • A design for customization approach establishes the guidelines and standards to create product family models that provide maximum flexibility and ease of configuration.
    • A design reference database allows designers to use highly modular 3D models that combine to represent the complete product family by mapping input variables to the various sub-models, their attributes, and their location, position, and orientation within the completed product.
    • A testing application provides the tools for designers to easily exercise and verify product family models before releasing them for use in the automated generation process.

    What it means

    Using Infor 3D Design Automation with Infor Product Configurator, you can:

    • Deliver customized product orders more quickly by eliminating engineering steps from lead time.
    • Reduce engineering costs by automating the creation of detail drawings and manufacturing information.
    • Provide value-added sales deliverables that might otherwise be too costly to produce.
    • Streamline production and help ensure quality by providing configuration specific drawings and information to manufacturing.
    • Speed new product development by taking advantage of modular product family models.

    Infor Document Automation

    Download: Infor Document Automation Data Sheet

    Deliver personalized proposals, submittals, and other sales documents with unprecedented ease. Generate personalized documents that include product info and images on demand from virtually any application--on-premise or in the cloud.

    Communicate more effectively and reduce your sales cycle time by delivering personalized proposals, submittals, and other sales documents using Infor Document Automation in conjunction with Infor Product Configurator.

    You can easily set up Infor Document Automation to dynamically generate personalized documents that include configured product information and images on demand from virtually any business or web application.

    What it is

    Make current, relevant product information available on demand by adding Infor Document Automation to your Infor Product Configurator system. With this application, you can dynamically generate Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF documents.

    Whether you need to generate proposals or submittals from your quoting system, technical specifications from your online portal, production documents from your ERP system, or personalized product brochures from your marketing website, you'll be able to do it quickly and easily with Infor Document Automation.

    What it does

    With Infor Document Automation you can:

    Create personal documents on demand--You can set up Infor Document Automation to produce personalized documents on demand from virtually any business or web application. A document can represent a single product or multiple products, as in a quote or order. You'll be able to generate a variety of documents, including proposals, submittals, contracts, specifications, instructions, warranties, datasheets, and regulatory statements.

    Setup easily through templates--Setting up Infor Document Automation is as simple as creating template documents in Microsoft Word to define the style of the output document.

    You can define any boilerplate text, bookmarks, or intelligent tags in the template. The Infor Document Automation engine processes these tags at runtime to include information based upon your selections.

    Work with multiple applications--You can use Infor Document Automation from a variety of business and web applications. You also can generate multiple documents from a single application process. For example, during quoting, you can use Document Automation to deliver external proposals, warranty and specifications sheets, and internal review documents.

    What it means

    Infor Document Automation can help you:

    • Close business quickly--Generate personalized contracts that focus only on terms related to the business at hand.
    • Reduce errors--Produce shop-floor documentation that includes drawings and details instructions specific to the order you're working on.
    • Deliver value to your channel--Provide material safety data sheets, installation instructions, and other documents that ease the setup and use of your products.
    • Deliver a rich experience--Include elements such as images, drawings, tables, and graphs with dynamic applications data or selected features in your documents.
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