Return Material Authorization (RMA)

Infor VISUAL allows companies to manage Return Material Authorizations (RMAs), documents that control the return of parts previously sold and shipped to a customer. The RMA document contains the ID, status, and other identification about who is returning the material and for what purpose.

The RMA process assists in the evaluation all of your costs around repairs and replacements. Costing issues become complicated when you have repairs and replacements, especially when users take in to consideration that the original customer order may not exist in the system, or that the parts being repaired originate from another source.

Infor VISUAL RMA manages this process for you.

  • Maintain documented control over the return of parts.
  • Track information that will improve both your customer service and overall part quality.
  • Receive material returns for customer credit.
  • Issue repair or replacement orders for returned materials.
  • Support cross - shipping of replacements (ship replacement prior to receiving returned goods) for minimal customer downtime and optimal customer service.