Barcode Tracking System

To meet your inventory management and labor tracking needs, Infor offers you Infor Visual ERP Barcode Tracking System (BTS).

Using barcode technology, Infor Visual ERP BTS allows your enterprise to automate material and labor tracking processes, print industry-compliant barcode labels, and eliminate data entry errors.

Labor Barcoding

Automated Labor Tracking System (ALTS)

By incorporating ALTS functionality, Infor Visual ERP BTS uses barcode hardware to help companies optimize labor tracking to accurately capture job costing.. With RF barcode technology, you can:

  • Record the accumulation of direct hours expended against specific work orders.
  • Record indirect hours not specific to a work order.
  • Access reliable data about the setup and run times for a specific operation.
  • View the number of pieces completed in real time.
  • Transfer indirect labor information to a special indirect labor journal.