Barcode Tracking System

To meet your inventory management and labor tracking needs, Infor offers you Infor Visual ERP Barcode Tracking System (BTS).

Using barcode technology, Infor Visual ERP BTS allows your enterprise to automate material and labor tracking processes, print industry-compliant barcode labels, and eliminate data entry errors.

Material Barcoding

Automated Material Tracking System (AMTS)

By incorporating AMTS functionality, Infor Visual ERP BTS uses barcode hardware to help companies optimize inventory and manage material and finished goods. With barcode technology, you no longer have to search for aEURolostaEUR- parts or wait for batch updates to perform planning activities. Infor Visual ERP BTS provides the functionality and integration that you need to control inventory from receipt through shipping and improve customer service.

  • Perform PO receipts, as well as issues to/from work orders.
  • Track and ship inventory in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Perform physical inventory counts more quickly, easily, and accurately.
  • Optimize warehouse operations by keeping inventory flowing smoothly between locations.
  • Print barcode labels from any of the industry-standard barcode thermal printers.
  • Ensure inventory accuracy.
  • Improve customer service and decision making with real-time information about inventory and locations.

VE Mobile

VE Mobile is the premier mobile extension to the VISUAL Enterprise ERP, adding flexibility and productivity improvements through the introduction of mobile scanning technology to the warehouse. Click here to learn more.