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Adoption of Cloud turns unexpected business value

The move to Cloud has been part of the ongoing dialogue for some time, yet adoption is slow-going.  However, the conversation IS picking-up momentum. The primary drivers for manufacturers to move to cloud models are most certainly economic. The return is realized by the transition of Capital expense to Operating expense, and the scalability and flexibility in deployment of cloud enterprise business application services, as compared to the traditional software and IT infrastructure purchase and ongoing maintenance processes.

“Cloud solutions offer an average payback period of 7.1 months and 5-year average ROI of 626%, a level that few other investments can equal.1

1 Randy Perry, IDC Whitepaper, “The Business Value of Amazon Web Services Accelerates Over Time,” December 2013 

Research is proving the economics tell a very compelling story, but, is just the beginning of a long list of key benefits today’s manufacturers realize by moving to the Cloud.   Here are just a few:

Collaboration in the Cloud
Purposeful collaboration is one key benefit.  Companies linked to cloud based business applications connect employees, customers and suppliers, enabling faster decision making and issue resolution, fosters innovation, enhances relationships, shared learnings, and allows the creation and adoption of new approaches.

Integration and Extend in the Cloud
Today’s manufacturers, in order to remain relevant and to compete, must automate, integrate and extend their business processes – speed and accuracy are key.   Cloud solutions deliver new automation, but, also offer new integration and extensions in clour ERP services as well.   Take the Infor ION middleware application, for example.   ION allows manufacturing organizations to connect disparate cloud and on-premise solutions, taking a hybrid approach to business applications.   (Watch an ION video and in the downloadable research eBook below.)

Mobility - The Cloud Enables People – Your Most Valuable Resource
Enterprise business systems today are no longer tied to a data center or require expensive local infrastructure, providing tremendous flexibility for users - why should employees be tied to the local network? 

Secure cloud-based connectivity to mobile apps empower and enable people to work more efficiently, from where they are.   The Cloud streamlines mobile solutions delivery across an enterprise, while the Cloud provider manages all the complexity of mobile connectivity and device support.   Infor’s mobile platform provides a huge range of capability, extending ERP’s mobile solutions.

Shift in attitudes, from why to why not
While the industry is still in it’s early stages of Cloud adoption, the economic and key benefits are rapidly shifting attitudes “from why, to why not” – read the Infor paper – and discussions on the potential downsides of cloud deployment are quickly moving to the forefront of manufacturers priorities to evaluate the risks of not making the move.   The Cloud is inevitable.  It becomes a matter business leaders making a shift in forward-thinking, and a commitment to an organizations readiness to embrace the change.  

Many companies today have taken a hybrid-approach to the Cloud, have deployed CRM and HR functionality and are realizing the many economic and operational benefits of these early deployments.  Infor and VBS have solutions and services to support on-premise, hybrid and full cloud adoptions.

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