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VBS and BMS365 introduce new Apps to extend VISUAL ERP capabilities with ease


VBS and BMS365 introduce new Apps to extend VISUAL ERP capabilities with ease

Reporting, Productivity and Ease-of-Use Applications Strengthen the VISUAL ERP Toolbox for VISUAL Community

CHICAGO, Illinois - March 18, 2015

Visual Business Solutions (VBS) and BMS365 are announcing today a strategic partnership providing value-added apps to extend the functionality of VISUAL ERP, helping VISUAL users to work more effectively and efficiently.  

“We’re very excited about the tools this partnership offer’s our clients,” said Richard Ferlatte, Director of Professional Services at VBS.   “Working together we’ll deliver new and innovative solutions that extend VISUAL ERP, allowing our customers to be more productive at work, and with a rapid ROI.”

The following list summarizes the standard modules developed for each Toolset Application:

Inventory Management Tool - BMS-BDI:  This toolset allows ultimate freedom to quickly filter data, drill-down and track inventory/work in process discrepancies, and easily reconcile actual inventory/WIP to financial records for current or past periods… all in one screen from multiple databases.  There are five (5) modules available in the Inventory Management Toolset – Inventory, Audits, WIP, Physical Count, Trace Tree. 

Easy Visual Reports - BMS- EVR:  Integration of the BMS-EVR solution and VISUAL results in Paperless ERP that provides a way for Visual users to increase efficiencies and thereby, the cash conversion cycle. This technology allows the user to easily create PDF’s and email VISUAL documents in one click, saving time and money by eliminating paper processing, simplifying the overall business process.  This toolset offers nine (9) modules in which to choose from – Invoices, Customer Statements, CO Acknowledgements, PO Acknowledgements, Pack-lists, Quote, WO Travellers, ACH and Payment Notifications.

BMS e-Board: Developed for accounting professionals and C-level executives looking for powerful and easy-to-use GL reporting software.  With this toolset, users will gain the ability to access live financial data, adding drill down capability to supporting details and to export the financial statements to Microsoft Excel in one click.  It contains 2 powerful modules -  FinBoard and Gross Profit BI Tool.

For more in-depth information on the specific modules within each toolset offering, visit www.visualbusiness.net/VISUAL_ERP_Extensions   or contact VBS at 888.882.9456 ext 2.    

About VBS
Founded in 1993, VBS sells and supports the Infor VISUAL ERP and Infor CloudSuite Industrial application suites for manufacturing, along with business practice and application consulting, software implementation, training services, technology infrastructure services, and on-going customer training and support.  VBS is a certified Infor Gold Channel Partner, serving clients throughout the United States.

About BMS365
BMS Business Monitoring Systems Inc., d.b.a. BMS365, designs and creates sophisticated and modern applications for Visual Manufacturing that improve staff efficiency and productivity.

BMS was founded in 2006 with the purpose of providing value added consulting services and add-on solutions to Visual users to get the most out of the ERP system. It has progressively widened its range using visionary planning both on a design level and on the quality of work produced.   For more information:  www.BMS365.com