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Tips & Tricks: The Most Underutilized Tool Within VISUAL

Partnering with you matters to us. At VBS we are purposeful in our pursuit to provide a clear and practical path for your success. Part of that pursuit is continuing to provide simple resources for you along the way. This is our first attempt at just that, we call it: Tips & Tricks.

Tips & Tricks Look

Have you made the same part multiple times but the schedule or cost just doesn't seem right? One of the most underutilized tools within VISUAL is the 
"Update Hours"  function in the Manufacturing Window.

You can update estimate setup and run times on an Engineering Master based on actual time posted on past work order runs. You can select the which prior Work Orders to consider and review the calculations before committing to any change. This tool is found under the Edit menu Manufacturing Window but only when you have an Engineering Master open.