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Tips & Tricks: Communications Made Easy

Do you have a Sales Rep wondering if the shipment went out today or when an invoice is paid? Is a Vendor wondering if you made the changes to the PO? Maybe Production is waiting on a Specific PO Receipt? Are you being bombarded with requests to track this information down for everyone?
Here's the good news... You can streamline communication within VISUAL. Automatically keep your Customers, Vendors and internal employees updated with emails about sales order and purchase order lifecycle changes. With 9.0 you can setup automatic email notifications to let anyone internally and/or the customer or vendor know when a new order is created, changed, shipped/received or invoiced. Defaults can be setup by customer or vendor in Customer Maintenance or Vendor Maintenance or by setup on a specific Order with the Notification tab.

BONUS: Under the “Info” Menu you can view the Notification history for the current order.