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Tips & Tricks: Need to do Percent Complete reporting? VISUAL 9.0.5 has you covered!

This is very helpful for those customers working on large projects or capital equipment. In release 9.0.5 there are some new options to do Percent Complete reporting. Either by entering the Percent value in labor reporting or have VISUAL calculate the percent based on hours reported. If you have VISUAL calculate the Percent Complete you also have the option to set the Maximum that VISUAL will automatically set the Percent Complete to, this will prevent VISUAL from automatically closing an operation when more work is needed. For example, if you have an operation that requires 20 hours and set a max % complete of 90%, even if you report 25 hours of labor to the operation the maximum VISUAL will automatically say is complete is 90%, the expectation is that someone will explicitly mark the operation is complete.
These options are available at the Operation, Work Order header and Site level – there is an excellent Video on this topic in the Help Video Library provided by Infor Development.