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Tips & Tricks: Before You Enter that Sales Order...

Want to know the customer's credit rating or settlement status BEFORE you enter a large sales order? There are 2 toolbar icons that can show this to you Visually. To configure them you need to go to the “Enter Credit Limit” tab in Customer Maintenance, there you set the % ranges for good (green), warning (yellow) and bad (red) for credit and settlement. Once set, any time that customer is called up in Order Entry the 2 icons will display Good, warning or bad for their credit or settlement rating. Now you know their credit rating BEFORE you enter the order. 

*Bonus: If you click either icon – you get the details.

**Double bonus: you can also look at the Credit tab in Order Entry, the information is there even if you don’t set the ranges in Customer Maintenance, it just not as “VISUAL”.