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Tips & Tricks: Speeding Up Month End with Recurring Entries

Create recurring journal entries in order to speed up month-end. To set this up you go to Accounting Window, under "Maintain".

There are 2 tabs labeled "Type" &"Trigger". For "Type" set the entry type to General and set your tax processing. (Automatic for templates where the amounts do not change or change slightly. Manual for templates where the amounts change constantly.)

For "Trigger" set the date of the entry itself but be aware, this does not mean it will trigger automatically.

Then run your entries through the General Journal Entry Screen. Under "File" select "General Recurring Entries" for automatic.

Under "Edit" select "Recurring Entries" for manual.

Did you also know you could import your GJ directly from an Excel spreadsheet? (But we'll go more into that in a future Tips & Tricks.)