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VBS did what others said they couldn’t — Casey Products Inc Testimonial

VBS did what others said they couldn’t — Casey Products Inc Testimonial

VBS did what others said they couldn’t — Casey Products Inc Testimonial 224 246 David Sheriff

“The response time and willingness to train our employees have been incredible.” — Ruth Wojkowski, Vice President at Casey Products Inc 

Casey Products Inc knew they needed new help with their ERP system when its current features couldn’t fully support the business, so Infor paired them with VBS. Starting at the beginning of implementation, VBS did what other companies said they couldn’t by getting at the root of the problems and providing solutions to solve inefficiencies. At each phase of the process, Casey Products was informed of what was going on and involved in the decision making. When it came time for go-live, an upgrade was released and instead of VBS pushing the go-live and then asking a year down the road if they wanted to upgrade, VBS informed Casey Products about it right away and together they decided to upgrade before the initial go-live date. Proper training was also given to Casey Products’ employees, which the company had never experienced before. The training instilled confidence to the Casey Products team and reassured them they were ready to go-live, while also knowing they would have continuous support from VBS after go-live to stay up to date. 

Before working with VBS, Casey Products had over 40,000 reports a month that needed to be individually printed and reviewed. The reports alone took an enormous amount of time away from employees. Now, with the solutions VBS provided, reports can be viewed all at once without printing and employees are able to efficiently manage their time and spend it on critical business needs.  

About Casey Products Inc 

Casey Products was founded by Robert M. Casey and incorporated in 1969. The company, which began as a sales agent for fastener manufacturers, grew quickly and in 1977, Casey Products began warehouse operations in addition to sales activities. 

Today, Casey Products concentrates our business efforts on the specialty fastener area, and importing fasteners. We provide OEM customers with small lots, specialty plating, patching and other non-standard features that are generally not available from a manufacturer, along with high volume nuts, socket product and hex fasteners. 

About VBS 

Visual Business Solutions (VBS) enables your business to focus on what you do best by developing solutions that make perfect sense. As a leading provider of Infor business application software solutions and consulting, we pride ourselves on our three differentiators that set us apart from the competition: Providing transparent and accountable projects, solving what others can’t, and real life experience, not just theory. Learn more about The VBS Way