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VVUG is a fully integrated opportunity to grow in knowledge & efficiency in order to become more effective in your business. Through weekly Tips & Tricks sent to your inbox, monthly free Webinars or Roundtables, and our weekly Core Competency Training for VISUAL we are doing our best create a pathway of continued education & training at every level.

VVUG Core Competency Training & Webinars

VVUG Core Competency Training is designed to take users through a structured training curriculum. While the VISUAL roadmap has grown and changed the “Core Competencies” of VISUAL remain. Each week we release free access to 3 classes as a part of VVUG. (When completed in its entirety, it will provide a ‘best practice’ approach to managing your operations in VISUAL ERP.)

You are automatically subscribed for notifications of our upcoming Webinars by signing up for our weekly VVUG Tips & Tricks. If you are looking for an overview of a specific module or practice we have looked at in the past, check out our Webinar Archive.

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VVUG Tips & Tricks

Adoption of Cloud turns unexpected business value

Adoption of Cloud turns unexpected business value 150 150 admin

Adoption of Cloud turns unexpected business value The move to Cloud has been part of the ongoing dialogue for some time, yet adoption is slow-going.  However, the conversation IS picking-up momentum. The primary drivers for manufacturers to move to cloud models are most certainly economic. The return is realized by the transition of Capital expense to Operating expense, and the scalability and flexibility in deployment of cloud enterprise business application services, as compared to the traditional software and IT infrastructure purchase and ongoing maintenance processes. “Cloud solutions offer an average payback period of 7.1 months and 5-year average ROI of 626%, a…

Think Business Process Improvement Before Tools

Think Business Process Improvement Before Tools 150 150 admin

Think Business Process Improvement Before Tools By:  Scott JessupAs a strategic planning methodology, business process improvement (BPI) enables manufacturers to streamline operational processes, improve access to information across departments, and eliminate waste in all its forms. Done correctly, BPI also improves decision-making as well as the management and utilization of assets and resources. It does all of this by identifying the business operations and employee skills that can be improved to make procedures smoother and workflows more efficient, driving business growth and profitability.ERP systems, despite their technology and automation, provide no intrinsic benefit without the guidance and input of business processes.…

3 Essential Production Planning Improvements

3 Essential Production Planning Improvements 150 150 admin

3 Essential Production Planning Improvements By: Scott Jessup Production planning is at the core of any manufacturing process. The purpose of production planning, of course, is to organize material and human resources to efficiently manage production costs, time, materials, and personnel.Efficient, effective production planning involves the intricate choreography of all these elements so that they come together in a cohesive, timely fashion to speed the production process along to a successful, profitable conclusion. For any manufacturing operation to reach its full potential, effective production planning most be at its core.So how do you improve the production planning process? It starts with…

How to Embed Process Improvement into Your Corp. DNA

How to Embed Process Improvement into Your Corp. DNA 150 150 admin

How to Embed Process Improvement into Your Corp. DNA By: Scott Jessup There are a number of proven techniques for process improvement, including Lean, Total Quality Management (TQM), and Six Sigma; however, for any company to effectively and consistently drive process improvement, it must be embraced at every level within the organization. So what are the key initiatives that can help embed process improvement into your corporate DNA? Utilize top-down communications. Business process improvement cannot be dictated from the C-suite. For effective process improvement to take hold in any organization, business managers from the CEO on down must champion and communicate…

Forecasting Fundamentals: 4 Keys to Forecasting and Production Scheduling

Forecasting Fundamentals: 4 Keys to Forecasting and Production Scheduling 150 150 admin

Forecasting Fundamentals: 4 Keys to Forecasting and Production Scheduling By: Scott Jessup Forecasting and production scheduling is part art and part science. What makes forecasting and scheduling so challenging is that needs vary widely from company to company, depending on the organization’s business model, what they’re making and how they make it. Even within a single company there can be different situations and processes that can affect forecasting and production scheduling.There are a number of criteria that can affect your company’s ability to forecast accurately and reliably including:  Is demand consistent? What factors affect the variables being forecast? What’s your…

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