ERP Solution Consultation

We know selecting and implementing a new ERP system is one of the most difficult and resource-intensive projects a manufacturing team can face. By partnering with VBS, we guide you through the complex process by conducting a value discovery consultation to help you assess your business. We help prioritize key business drivers, uncover the pains that constrain your processes, and identify the capabilities that bring the greatest value and ROI to your company.

Engineering value for our clients is our highest priority.

When you engage VBS on your project, we provide you the blueprint and proven guided support before, during and long after implementation, enabling you to transform and grow your business. This value-added service starts with a complementary 30-minute consultation.

In this consultation, we'll discuss:

  • Your current processes and the level of visibility your company has on these processes.
  • Any IT resource and budget limitations that may prevent successful implementation.
  • The proven next steps your company can take to prepare for a new software solution.

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