Industrial Machinery & Equipment

As an Industrial Machinery & Equipment manufacturer you have to manage a very deep and complex supply network because of the nature of the products you build with long life-cycles. Often, the supply chain is 15-20 layers deep, and global supply chains are becoming the norm. Your product configuration requirements are unique because of continuous engineering improvements, with an increase in product BOM size and need for high-tech infusion to share designs and continuously collaborate. Your customers constantly want more options, yet you are required to better utilize equipment and gain throughput over the same lines. Reporting alone has created an increase in IT expenses, and the integration of legacy systems is almost impossible.

Maximize profitability in an increasingly complex market.

With the increasing demands to production processes with the same level of capital expenditure, the use of information technology is no longer a desire, it is a necessity.

What if:

  • Your enterprise solution actually reduced your cost of operations while improving your ability to improve delivery to your customers?
  • You could manage each unique configuration from design to planning, build, and during the maintenance of the products you deliver to your customers?
  • You could better utilize equipment and gain throughput over the same lines?
  • Tired of waiting for the numbers to come out to see how you did? What if you could manage performance in real-time and establish priorities and manage work efforts across your supply chain? And what if you could actually reduce the cost of operations while increasing the value that you receive from your IT solution to run your facility?

Build a world-class strategy.

The VBS team is committed to providing clients real value, by helping to achieve real success.

We know a new ERP system is one of the most resource-intensive projects a manufacturing team is faced with. By partnering with VBS, we guide you through the complex process by conducting an in-depth value discovery to assess your business. We help prioritize key business drivers, uncover the pains that constrain your processes, and identify the capabilities that bring the greatest value and ROI.

Client value is our highest priority.

Are you ready to implement ERP with a proven blueprint to success with guided support to transform and grow your business?

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