Infor - F9

Excel Based Financial Reporting

If you use Microsoft® Excel®, then you already know how useful spreadsheets are for financial reporting. Infor® F9 provides a dynamic link from your General Ledger (GL) to Excel and gives you the most current information with a push of a button, with no exports or manual entries required.
Infor F9 offers an unbeatable feature package including:

  • Flexible cell-based reporting
  • Consolidations
  • Drill down
  • Budgeting
  • Multi-currency
  • Report analysis
  • Pivot table reports
  • Dashboards
  • Web reporting
  • Report scheduling

It does all this while being dynamically linked to the GL, ensuring that all numbers are timely, consistent, and complete.

Speed, power, and ease of use.

The true value of Infor F9 becomes apparent when you realize the scope of reporting functions that become available with this one simple GL function. When one GL function is entered once and then copied to other cells, the report grows. New data columns are created by copying existing columns and editing the heading. A one-month report becomes a twelve-month report with one copy command. No need to manually rekey numbers.

Everything you know about your spreadsheet can be applied to the reports you create using Infor F9. Use Excel's functionality to add graphs, buttons and backgrounds to your reporting systems. You already know how to use your spreadsheet -- therefore, you already know how to use Infor F9.

The Infor F9 Report Wizard allows you to go from a blank spreadsheet to a fully formatted, hotlinked report in seconds. By following a graphical representation and step-by-step procedure, you can point and click your way to a finished report. Leverage your knowledge of Excel to get started immediately.