Infor Visual ERP Inventory Control

What is Infor Visual ERP Inventory Control?

Infor Visual ERP Inventory Control offers world-class inventory control capabilities that enable increased inventory accuracy, reduced inventory carrying costs and manual intervention, and the ability to easily scale to a full warehouse management system.

What comes with Infor Visual ERP Inventory Control?

The ability to gain tighter control over your inventory--including raw materials, assemblies, and finished goods--across the enterprise at each step of the supply chain execution process is what you can expect from Infor Visual ERP Inventory Control.

What can you do with Infor Visual ERP Inventory Control?

  • Assign comprehensive, individualized specifications for each part when it is purchased, sold, or used in a work order.
  • Stock goods in one unit of measure while purchasing, selling, and/or consuming on a work order in another unit of measure.
  • Easily transfer parts between locations or warehouses.
  • Automatically issue materials by work order, operation, or sub-assembly.
  • Set up specialized item pricing such as quantity and discounted pricing, contract pricing, etc., for both purchasing and selling.
  • Perform automated physical inventories, cycle counting, and ABC analysis.
  • Define up to three dimensions and an unlimited number of dimensional records for each part.
  • Specify unit of measure conversions for materials.
  • Calculate purchase costs automatically.
  • Issue/return from WIP as well as adjust in/out for drop management.
  • Track inventory by location of pieces within the plant for managing drops.
  • Take a full physical inventory by specifying the number of pieces and their dimensions.