Metal Fabrication

As a manufacturer in the metal fabrication industry today, you are challenged by two major opposing forces - addressing customer demands and the driving cost of doing business, and with the improved economy, you are faced with more challenges yet. Fabricators must maintain flexibility to change capacity requirements while operating effective continuous replenishment systems. A complex bidding process, time critical project management, relentless focus on productivity, availability of critical assets, and constrained growth due to disparate information associated with item masters, complex BOMs and routing. To compete, you need to respond to unique customer demands and manage your growing portfolio of products with agility and speed.

Stay lean and profitable while satisfying customer demand.

What if

  • You could quickly see your plant operations and your customers' changing demand?
  • You could build better relationships with your extended supply chain?
  • You could reduce costs and increase capacity while delivering higher-quality products?

You can, with metal fabrication tools that help you:

  • Bring your production capacity into line with customer demand to meet delivery commitments.
  • Provide everyone in your company with quick, timely access to operations information.
  • Manage complex, lengthy processes such as requests for quotation (RFQs), requisitions, and purchase orders.
  • React quickly to changes in demand and specifications.
  • Analyze and distribute information on scrap and yields.

Build a world-class strategy.

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We know a new ERP system is one of the most resource-intensive projects a manufacturing team is faced with. By partnering with VBS, we guide you through the complex process by conducting an in-depth value discovery to assess your business. We help prioritize key business drivers, uncover the pains that constrain your processes, and identify the capabilities that bring the greatest value and ROI.

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