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VVUG Tips & Tricks: Shortcut to Insert a Line in a Grid/Table.

VVUG Tips & Tricks: Shortcut to Insert a Line in a Grid/Table. 150 150 admin

Shortcut to Insert a Line in a Grid/Table

Just about any screen that has a table/grid, you can quickly add a line by double clicking the grey box in the upper left corner.  For those users that use a mouse more than the keyboard, this can keep you focused on the lines and not looking for the icon in the toolbar.  Yes, keyboard shortcut (Ins) works great for those user that prefer a keyboard over a mouse.

BTW, you can double click the square to the left of the line number to mark a line to be deleted.


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VVUG Tips & Tricks: Where Did That BOM Come From?

VVUG Tips & Tricks: Where Did That BOM Come From? 150 150 admin

Where Did That BOM Come From?

In release 9.0.4 development added new column “Entered_By” to the Work Order table.  It’s didn’t seem like much at the time but upon further review it’s a very nice addition.  You now know who created the structure and what application was used to do it.   Was it from a quote?  Firming a Planning order? Linking a work order to a sales order line? DBR?   The column is displayed on the WO/EM/QM header and a tooltip with the name of the user, application and any associated info is displayed. 

You can also look in the database itself to see this info:

It’s doesn’t solve all of life’s mysteries but it does answer the question – where did that BOM come from?  And it couldn’t be easier to answer.