Payroll/Human Resources


Infor Visual ERP Payroll is a sophisticated payroll processing and reporting system. It is fully integrated with Infor Visual ERP, VISUAL Financials, and VISUAL Human Resources. Information can easily be transferred between these modules eliminating the need for repetitive data entry and ensuring the integrity of your data.

Infor Visual ERP Payroll supports all federal and state taxes and includes state-of-the-art functionality such as direct deposit, 401(k) plans, electronic tax and wage garnishment remittance using ACH or EFTPS payment systems, magnetic media tax filing, and sophisticated report sorting and timing features.

Human Resources

Infor Visual ERP Human Resources is a comprehensive data management and reporting tool. It maintains vital data about applicants and employees and provides numerous standardized reports. The flexibility of Infor Visual ERP Human Resources allows you to track as much or as little information as you require. Because of its dynamic integration with Infor Visual ERP Payroll, the shared data between the two applications eliminates the need for repetitive data entry, and ensures consistency and accuracy.

  • Record and track job postings, applicant information, interview notes, and results.
  • Hire an applicant to automatically create an employee record in Infor Visual ERP Payroll.
  • Track Time Accrual balance by employee, including automatically triggered increments, and reduction from Infor Visual ERP Payroll payments.
  • Record and track employee performance, education, salary, attendance, seniority, and grievances.
  • Report and track accidents and workers 'compensation claims.
  • Attach and preview files from several tracking screens and gain convenient access to critical information.
  • Use consignment tracking to monitor assigned company property.
  • Improve overall corporate awareness and provide a better level of service to your workforce.
  • Grant level of security access by processor.
  • Create or modify user-defined reports and queries through Report Builder and/or other third party report writing/OLAP tools.
  • View, print, e-mail, or export data from an assortment of standard reports