Everyone in your company will benefit from Infor PLM8, from individual users, to managers, and executives-- spanning purchasing, production, engineering, customer service, senior management, and finance. At the user level, it prevents errors by eliminating confusion about which version of a document or design is the latest. At the managerial level, it provides transparency on the progress of projects, ensures improved access to information and better decision-making prevents delays, reduces costs, and boosts efficiency. The solution also facilitates global collaboration and communication, as well as document vaulting and change management.

  • Vaulted document management
  • Document version control
  • BOM revision control
  • Workflow collaboration
  • Engineering change notices (ECN)
  • ECN approval process workflows
  • Security by project, user profiles & roles
  • Drawing viewer
  • Design aEURoWhat-ifs
  • BOM Comparisons
  • Optional CAD integrations
  • Vendor collaboration