Price Book

Infor Visual ERP Price Book is a flexible pricing and commission tool. Price Book integrates with the Order Management window and other ERP pricing packages. The application maintains its definitions in a separate database from the ERP database, with derivations available through an open interface, allowing Price Book to be a centralized pricing solution.

  • Establish price breaks based on cost or quantity (e.g., spend $100 and get a 20% discount, or buy two and get 20% off).
  • Set up prices by customer, part, market, commodity, or groups.
  • Adjust prices aEURoacross the board to eliminate redundant adjustments.
  • Use custom formulas to create any combination of prices or discounts.
  • Define commissions for sales staff.

Use Visual ERP Price Book to define pricing for your products, discounts for your customers, and commissions for your sales staff in one centralized interface.