Infor ERP Visual Product Configurator

What is Infor ERP Visual Product Configurator?

Infor ERP Visual Product Configurator will bring you greater accuracy and performance to your order configuration process with a guided selling solution that helps to streamline the process of developing quotes, sales orders, and formal proposals quickly and easily.

What comes with Infor ERP Visual Product Configurator?

Infor ERP Visual Product Configurator offers a product configuration tool for manufacturers of complex, highly configurable products with numerous standard and available options.

What can you do with Infor ERP Visual Product Configurator?

Product Configurator is a powerful engineering and maintenance tool that helps you manage product, data, and price information, as well as dimensionally configure your products' features and options. You can create engineering designs for complex engineer-to-order or configure-to-order products and define engineering rules for including, excluding, and combining features. The configurator with Infor

ERP VISUAL allows you to automatically create quotes and bills of materials from an engineering design. You can also:

  • Define complex, user-defined formulas for weight, quantity, and length calculations.
  • Enter catalog numbers easily with product code nomenclature.
  • Create engineering designs for complex engineer to order or configure to order products using rules based parameters.
  • Maintain product, data, and price information quickly and easily.
  • Create a Quote and Bill of Material automatically from an engineering design.
  • Integrate various toolkits for use within the configurator.