Infor Visual ERP - Query & Analysis XL

Know where you're headed.

Knowing what direction to take your business in is essential. Whether it's acquiring new companies, launching a new product, finding a new way to beat the competition, or another avenue of pursuit, it's important to know where you're headed and why.

That takes real data analysis and reporting proficiency, so that managers at all levels of your organization receive the information they need to make strategic decisions.

Leverage experience.

With so much at stake, finding the right information technology partner to back your efforts is essential. InforTM is that partner. We deliver proven, business-specific solutions with experience built in, so you can focus on the most important tasks in your core business operations to achieve better performance quickly, seamlessly, and flexibly.

Get business specific.

Our solution--Infor Visual ERP Query & Analysis XL--is a dynamic, multi-language, multi-currency reporting solution that is powerful, flexible, secure, and easy to use. Because the solution is tightly integrated with Microsoft® Excel® , your users can adopt it quickly, with minimal training and technical skills. Using familiar desktop applications, users can quickly and efficiently create reports that highlight trends, patterns, and exceptions. And since minimal IT support and involvement are required, maintenance is easy, too.

Managers can easily analyze business data and accurately measure performance because they get the right information at the right time with Query & Analysis XL.

Users can take advantage of powerful analytical capabilities, without relying on IT. Plus you can even drill down to the supporting transaction information. And you get the flexibility to make inquiries in many ways, and get multiple options for visualizing data.

You get a faster, easier, more adaptable way to analyze business data with Query & Analysis XL, an add-in for Microsoft Excel. There is no need to understand sophisticated database structures to create reports, since the information is provided in an intuitive user interface with common names for database structures. In addition, you get the ability to publish reports to the web, report and query wizards, cube analysis, a report designer, extract modes for statistical reporting, a macro builder for automating Excel functions, and security features.
Query & Analysis XL takes advantage of an intelligent metadata layer to expose enterprise data in an intuitive manner. A metadata layer is required for access to systems. A number of pre-built metadata layers are available for Infor Visual ERP into both the core database as well as Project/A&D database. All the heavy lifting and connecting is already done for you into either a SQL or Oracle database.

See results now.

Get the analytics and reporting you need in a familiar interface with Infor Visual ERP Query & Analysis XL. Your company will generate a fast return on your investment with the ability to:

  • Get users up and running very quickly with minimal IT involvement.
  • Display a better understanding of trends, patterns, and exceptions affecting your business.
  • Provide answers to critical business questions on demand.
  • Supply enhanced financial and operational reporting to make more informed business decisions.