What a few of our clients have to say about working with VBS:

"The VBS implementation was great. When I was updating our Board of Directors their initial input to me was that ERP rollouts never complete on the budget and schedule. I was very proud to inform the board that we were operational under budget by 30% and ahead of our projected schedule."

"Nice work in leading our management team down a consistent, guided path (with a few nudges) for the last 10 months. Our original project PO is completed within 30 days of our timetable to GO LIVE! Our relationships have grown as a team and in turn strengthened the commitment to our common strategic business goal of finally getting a perpetual inventory...a journey that started in 1997.

Thank you for the system leadership and all of the management team for staying on course.

We have together created a framework to build upon. There is much work to be done and much more to learn. We are already starting to find parts that we would have otherwise produced again."

"We are so proud of our team, and very happy with the VBS team! I have one word for how things went...and that is Excellent!!! The project went faster than anticipated. The group is very happy with what they accomplished. There were no issues, the training went smoothly. The team did a bit of panicking with the exception report...but there were no surprises, they were not afraid and are ready for next month. Everyone is doing what they should be doing, which I accredit to the great training, guidance and support of VBS."

"David, Thanks - we were impressed with Scott's expertise and ability to teach with clarity. (Maybe someday match you?) We think we can reach our ambitious goal with his help. He is VBS' good asset!"

"I had to write to inform you how pleased we are with you and the review you performed. It verified all the speculation on elements of VISUAL that we didn't know what we didn't know. We are looking forward to working with you to get VISUAL operating the way it should. You were exactly what the doctor ordered."

"Although we had a "pilot presentation" in November, our first pilot run was in late December when half of our staff was out sick so we could not even address the GL module. VBS adapted, which enabled us to begin inputting real data from the shop floor in February, being unable to accomplish this in January due to year-end closing pressures. We had a second pilot at the end of February which was much more beneficial and was a great problem solving preparation. Thanks to the tremendous and always available support of The VBS team, they were on-site when we went live the end of March.

They always make themselves available and stay 100% involved not only during the 1st month of go-live but through the first couple of closings. They go the extra mile with tremendous one-on-one assistance. No one wants to implement a new system. VBS helped smooth the trauma."

"Mary stated that Accounts Payable used to take 40 hours to process with Excel, with Visual that time was cut in 1/2 to 20 hours."

"The support we have received from VBS has always been very responsive with an answer, they call us and email as well for follow up."

"We use the VISUAL Configurator and couldn't get by without it. Over 90% of what we build requires the use of the configurator. It has been a tremendous time saver as it produces almost all of our work orders. It does hours of work in just minutes."

"If your organization is deciding on a partner to assist with an implementation or upgrade, VBS is a prudent choice that will have a lasting impression."

"Visual reduced our inventory by 30% and cleaned up our accuracy tremendously (10-15k adjustment per year)."

"I have only been in scheduling and materials management for a little over a year, and I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to fulfill this position without the use of Visual Manufacturing. This software, along with the VBS Support Team, has helped our company revamp our entire scheduling and reporting processes. It can be an overwhelming project at first, but the easy-to-use software and very knowledgeable support staff has made it a must-have for our company and our continued growth."

"I wanted to thank you for a top notch training session yesterday. I think you managed to do a great job training the untrainable. The ECN process will be a good benefit to us. We'll be putting what we've learned into practice next week. Hopefully you have a multi-line phone for when the engineers start calling you.

Additionally, you've made a lot of friends this morning as I passed on the little tidbits you taught us about right clicks and customer pricing. From purchasing to customer service to accounting everyone is pretty happy about that little addition. Almost makes me wonder what else we've missed out on.

We really appreciate your time and want to thank you for the knowledge and expertise. You're welcome back here any time you'd like to visit nowhere, Indiana."

"Don was a great asset during the BTS project. When we had issues he's was willing to step in with a solution. He is a very bright guy and a great addition to the VBS team."

The Visual manufacturing window is great. In one place we can see the progression of our jobs, where they are at and what remains. The color codes quickly allow us to visually see what is happening to the jobs on the floor."

"Jaime was EXCELLENT and explained things so very well."

"Scott has been an awesome partner and we are always discovering things we never knew were possible with Visual. He is just awesome! Scott is great about explaining why we would make changes and can relate to all our issues. You can tell he really cares about our success"

"Working with Jaime has been great! It was very enlightening and eye opening to the front office. Instead of thinking of a way to do things outside of Visual - we now look within the system first. This has helped tremendously. I feel like we took three steps forward after Jaime left."

"We recently signed up for the unlimited webinar program and have found them tremendously helpful! I've take a few of them (both financial & operational) and all of them have been so beneficial. I make sure our learners have a test database to play in after they've attended the course so that they can apply what they've learned."

"We thought everything went smoothly and VBS provided lots of support throughout our upgrade process. We also appreciated the training that was tailored for our specific needs and saved us from going over things that did not apply to our company."

"VBS' knowledge and experience in several industries, specifically regarding this negative inventory model, helped us to revise our strategy and eliminate what was a serious problem."

"I wanted to let you know, and hope you pass along to David, that Jaime is a huge asset to VBS. Very down to earth, intelligent, and not wasting time. She and I knocked several items out last night that I was very happy to move on. And she generated some additional future work for VBS to help grow the relationship."

"Originally, we looked at over 100 systems, sat through ten capabilities presentations, and narrowed those down to four finalists. In the end, only Infor ERP VISUAL offered the flexibility our company needed to be successful. The knowledge and support of the VBS team through our implementation ensured our success."

"Using Infor VISUAL, our revenues grew from $3 million a year to almost $70 million a year. It allowed us to be a small company, and now a medium-sized company with even larger revenue streams."

"Very happy with our consultants from VBS, they always help, are very knowledgeable and personable."

"Quality and the best technology is a given in order to enter the market. Cost-effective, on-time deliveries are about the only advantages we have left to exploit. With Lean, things go through quicker, and you get the double bonus of throughput dollars first and then the premium price second. We're now seeing huge profits due to increased throughput and the guidance of our project team at VBS every step of the way."

"Working with Jaime has been great! It was very enlightening and eye opening to the front office. Instead of thinking of a way to do things outside of Visual - we now look within the system first. This has helped tremendously. I feel like we took three steps forward after Jaime left"

"John did an excellent job with our upgrade. I know he doesn't typically come onsite for what he does but I had requested he be here. I felt like I knew the upgrade was going to go well because he was here helping us every step of the way. He went way above and beyond what was requested and so did VBS."

"The instructor was very thorough and informative. As Operations Manager for our company I am very happy with the training that VBS provided!"

"We've been trying to update some of our margins but hadn't quite found the correct way. I think this webinar helped us get in the right direction."

"We worked with John M on our project, he is an excellent guy to work with. All went excellent on this and the reports. Very professional, move through things quickly and smoothly. We would welcome the opportunity to work with John again."

"I worked with Don S. this AM to create the E-mail list to announce our move to customers and vendors. I want you to know that Don is very knowledgeable, courteous, and a pleasure to work with. My database skills are marginal at best, Don was patient and did a great job. When you have a chance, please give me a call to discuss some other projects we have in mind."

"John did a great job and answered all of my questions. He was also very knowledgeable on 7.1.2 and was a great help. We always use VBS for our support needs and will continue to do so. Thanks, again"

"Jaime did an excellent job with the SWOT. She really exposed a lot of weaknesses and brought to light some serious threats. We will be reimplementing with the knowledge of understanding what we would like to change to improve efficiency & quality."

"We've used Visual since 95 and there hasn't been training and knowledge since then that compares to what you are doing at VBS with the webinars and demos. The webinars have been a great training tool for both scheduling and finance. When we have turnover, we look for a webinar. The demos of the add on modules has increased our knowledge as to what is possible with the software."

"Visual provides us with Document Life Cycle, this is a great tool, it provides one place for anything we want to know about our clients; past orders, current orders, where their jobs are and much more. This has really helped us increase our responsiveness both internal and with our customers."