Service and Delivery Options

VBS Service Offerings

VBS offers a full range of services delivered by highly skilled, experienced professionals:

  • ERP Consulting Services
  • Project Management
  • Business Performance Improvement
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Technical Services
  • Custom Development
  • Customized Training

VBS delivers the people, process and technology solutions to enable clients to realize maximum value to improve efficiencies and drive revenues.


Delivery Options

Today's manufacturing environment is rapidly changing and today's complex manufacturer needs choices. With Infor's innovative, flexible licensing models, VBS is able to customize a delivery option that best fit your business requirements as well as your short and long-term objectives.

Here is high-level summary of the various delivery options available:

  • On-Premise Solution: Owned and operated on-site by your IT staff.
  • Cloud Solution: Flexible, scaleable, effectively manages growth; a transition of Capital Expense to Operating Expense
  • Hosted Solution: Traditional licensing, managed by a host provider
  • Hybrid Solution: Traditional on-premise ERP licensing with hybrid - Cloud - extensions, i.e., CRM or HR functionality in the Cloud.

Through our in-depth discovery process we first understand your business objectives and how you want to run your business, then decide with you, the best delivery option to achieve maximum results.