Service Management

Highly demanding customers, shrinking product margins, and escalating expenses are among the many challenges facing service organizations today. Providing fast, responsive service isn't easy, especially when the industry is technical, components are complex, and the task is critical-such as keeping power on, medical equipment working, pumps and forklifts running, and buildings safe and secure. Timing is everything.

To remain competitive today, your service operation has be first-rate. To be profitable, you must be strategic about your use of resources, from personnel to parts. Productivity drives cost effectiveness-as well as response times. There is little room in the service industry for slow response, errors, or inefficient systems. You are under pressure from your customers to provide faster service, and from regulatory agencies to maintain meticulous records on service and maintenance issues. You can't afford to be lax about procedures. You can't settle for estimates on inventory levels, waste time on data discrepancies, or deal with dual data entry among disparate systems that don't share data.

Take your service operation to the next level.

What if:

  • You could perform at a higher level, maximize revenue, and take advantage of growth opportunities?
  • Your exceptional service becomes a competitive edge by becoming a vital resource to your customers?
  • You had a foundation in place to build long-term relationships and repeat sales?

Combine function and strategy.

The VBS team is committed to providing clients real value, by helping to achieve real success.

We know a new ERP system is one of the most resource-intensive projects a manufacturing team is faced with. By partnering with VBS, we guide you through the complex process by conducting an in-depth value discovery to assess your business. We help prioritize key business drivers, uncover the pains that constrain your processes, and identify the capabilities that bring the greatest value and ROI.

Client value is our highest priority.

Are you ready to implement ERP with a proven blueprint to success with guided support to transform and grow your business?

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