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Rename & Merge

We’re excited to announce we have acquired Rename & Merge from TrueFit Solutions.


Rename & Merge is the only database utility on the marketing today which ensures you maintain complete data integrity while renaming and merging IDs, in a live Infor ERP VISUAL database.

Pulling your hair out over master record mistakes? Do you long to reconfigure account structures so they actually make sense? Want to get a better handle on managing stock locations? Look no further than Rename & Merge for VISUAL.

So whether you are looking to change part numbering schemes, rename parts for production, need to de-dupe customer information, adjust a charge of accounts, or have grown tired of tracking the same part in five different locations when it is only stored in one, Rename & Merge will be your new best friend in the database world.

Want to learn how Rename & Merge can streamline your database operations? Contact David Sheriff, President of VBS, for more information or to order.

To learn more about Rename & Merge, download this Rename & Merge Demonstration overview.