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Kaizen as a Service (KaaS)

Consistent, Continuous, Cost-Effective Support

Kaizen is the Sino-Japanese word meaning “improvement”. Kaizen primarily refers to any activity that brings continuous improvement to the entire organization.

For VBS, Kaizen as a Service, is a Strategic Partnership to bring clarity to and around your business by delivering insightful, practical, value-driven results you can see on weekly or monthly basis.

Kaizen (KaaS) brings consistent, continuous, & cost-effective support focused on the current priorities of your business and driven by you. Our desire is:

  • Understanding the your unsolved priorities,
  • Guiding you on a path to solve those priorities and
  • Enabling retention of this knowledge for the future.


VBS eCommerce is a B2B/B2C toolset that integrates with ERP deployments such as Visual Manufacturing and CSI. eCommerce is delivered through your web presence. Grow your sales, improve customer satisfaction, reduce transaction costs, gain access to the global market, and lower your risk with 24x7x365 monitoring by our team of developers.

Warehouse Management

Increase order accuracy, reduce inefficiencies, and improve inventory management, all with a solution that remains simple to use and easy to adopt. The supply chain solution offers features specific to your industry and adaptability that enables YOU to adjust your system to your future needs as well as current needs. We all know requirements and situations change. With Warehouse Management, you have a highly flexible and adaptable solution that helps you keep pace with a shifting landscape.

Strategic Partnership

Organizations look to VBS as a strategic partner for our deep industry knowledge, our ability to bring clarity to and around your business, delivering insightful, practical, value-driven results you can see. Our team of manufacturing and technology experts provide ERP implementation, consulting, and process management solutions that improve revenue, productivity, and customer satisfaction. We will work with you to maximize the value from your ERP system through technical services and continuous improvement.