Infor Visual ERP Financials

What is Infor Visual ERP Financials?

Infor Visual ERP Financials is a flexible, multi-site, multi-company, multi-currency financial management solution that empowers your decision-makers.

What comes with Infor Visual ERP Financials?

Financials provides a total enterprise solution for your accounting needs. The accounts receivable software system provides important cash flow information that is vital to the effective management of your business.

What can you do with Infor Visual ERP Financials?

Financials allows users to document all production and warehouse-related financial transactions and to segment financial data into appropriate entities for improved statistical and budget tracking and reporting. It promotes faster, accurate, real-time transactions and provides managers across all levels of the company with the information they need to make better-informed business decisions.

Financials is an advanced application to help manage all of your company's accounting and cash management demands, including:

  • Real-time processing of financial transactions.
  • Segmenting financial information into appropriate entities and business components for improved tracking and reporting.
  • Working within a multi-company, multi-currency environment, with support for global consolidation.
  • Maintaining customer and supplier relationships.
  • Managing data security with a user-friendly inquiry system.