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The VBS Way

Real solutions delivered as expected.

No vague promises.
No unrealistic, unfulfilled expectations.
No ambiguous results.

Decision Point #1: Commitment

Let’s get to know one another.

What are the problems or symptoms you are committed to solving?

  • Connect on the issues concerning your manufacturing operations and business performance
  • Identify key problems (or symptoms) leadership is committed to solving that provides meaningful impact to the business
  • Walk through The VBS Way and how we can work together
  • Mutually agree to continue along the path

Decision Point #2: Clarity

Let’s get started.

Do we have documented objectives that answer the “Why’s” for the project?

  • Clarify ideas for transforming your business
  • Discuss the issues, explore the possibilities
  • Document the objectives
  • Lay out The VBS Way solution path
  • Refine the strategic direction and mutually agree to continue along the path

Decision Point #3: Trust

Do both parties agree?

  • Engage the project team, determine roles & responsibilities
  • Conduct interviews to assess where you are & where you need to go
  • Discover the opportunities and options that exist – determine vital processes
  • Identify the People, Process & Technology that will solve the objectives & prioritize requirements
  • Review company culture and how change management will be handled
  • Present Proof of Concept (demo’s)
  • Mutually agree to what is and is not included in the project
  • Execute formal contracts for the clear and practical path forward

Decision Point #4: Guide

Time to roll up the sleeves.

Do we have a clear and practical plan to achieve objectives on-time and on-budget?

  • Dive deeper into your business and fully assess its operational, culture, and technical components and document current state
  • Educate core team
  • Define future state processes and document
  • Develop the complete solution design
  • Define final scope and KPI’s
  • Decide go-live date

Decision Point #5: Perform

We’re in this together.

Have our objectives been completed and ready for go-live?

  • Time to execute the plan & jump start true transformation, including recurring quality reviews along the way
  • Develop final process documentation
  • Conduct end-user training and conference room pilot programs
  • Data migration
  • Reporting and KPI’s
  • Establish the go-live date
  • Provide post go-live support

Decision Point #6: Evaluate

We believe in long-term relationships.

  • We’re in this with you for the long haul!
  • Ready to provide the support needed for continuous improvement
  • Coaching & skills development
  • Assess, evaluate & conduct future phase planning