Integrated Order Fulfillment Solution


Today's Manufacturing Customers Demand Greater Visibility and Customer Service

VBS:SHIPPERLink is an easy to use, automated shipping software that enables your company to streamline your order fulfillment processes and meet the expectations of your customers. With complete integration to VISUAL, the solution allows you to seamlessly process domestic and international shipping transaction by communicating with UPS and FedEx carriers, calculating freight amounts, and printing carrier labels.


  • Shorten fulfillment and service processes, increasing customer satisfaction
  • Streamline operations across departments, lowering administrative costs
  • Improve visibility into your entire order fulfillment process

Streamline Work Flow

Track all UPS and FedEx shipments from one solution, eliminating the need to use multiple systems.

Improve Visibility

SHIPPERLink automatically ties tracking numbers to sales orders and packlists providing complete visibility into shipping progress and delivery history of orders.

Customizable to Meet Your Needs

SHIPPERLink can be customized to match the needs of your business.

Dynamic Invoicing and Automation

Freight costs and any handling charges can be added to your Packlist before it is invoiced.

Eliminate Redundant Data Entry & Improve Accuracy

With full integration, there is no need for redundant data entry as all shipping information is transmitted between VISUAL and SHIPPERLink.