Infor VISUAL ERP - Time & Attendance

Infor offers a time and labor management system: Infor Visual ERP Time & Attendance. Available in a limited license and full-scale offering, you can track employee attendance, manual time sheets, and manufacturing labor. You can configure each data collection station to accept any or all types of tracked transactions. User- definable compensation rules allow for flexible work cycle and pay calendar definitions, multi-level premium rules, and shift differentials, among others. Infor Visual ERP Time & Attendance fully supports both piecework and incentive pay.

Infor Visual ERP Time & Attendance uses the compensation rules when calculating earnings, and exports the data to VISUAL Payroll or other third-party payroll processors.
Track the employee information you want to track; hourly workers, pieceworkers, and both exempt and non-exempt salaried employees. Employees may be defined to enter a timesheet instead of the Infor Visual ERP Time & Attendance's standard clocking functionality.

  • Enable supervisory electronic time approval with electronic signature capabilities prior to calculating employee earnings.
  • Create extensive audit trails and employee information histories upon edits to time entries.
  • Take advantage of paperless manufac- turing labor data collection, through the use of multiple types of hardware and direct interface to labor tickets.
  • Define holiday and payroll frequency calendars, and use auto-clock functionality to define breaks and meals, as well as grace periods, then specify whether they are paid or unpaid.
  • Generate standard work schedules based on shift definition parameters with the ability to update generated schedules automatically.
  • Apply message trigger options to alert users to specific events or milestones.
  • Synchronize your Infor Visual ERP systems' data to reduce redundant data entry.
  • Enable aEURototal time accountingaEUR- to comply with DCAA collection methods.
  • Define different clock in and clock out rounding rules with the ability to override actual times with the scheduled time if needed.
  • Assign employees to multiple user defined groupings to enhance report filtering.