Infor Visual ERP Visual Order Management

What is Infor Visual ERP Order Management?

Infor Visual ERP Order Management allows you to benefit from time saving capabilities that enable you to manage a large volume of customer orders and to meet varied fulfillment objectives.

What comes with Infor Visual ERP Order Management?

This includes high volume order entry, configuration-to-order with features and options, electronic data interchange (EDI) orders with contracted trading partners, on-line internet orders, and individual quote-to-order applications. Critical in serving high volume order processing environments is real-time inventory visibility (available-to-promise), order allocation, substitute and cross selling capabilities, along with tight integration to warehouse management and logistics capabilities.

What can you do with Infor Visual ERP Order Management?

Infor Visual ERP Order Management capability allows companies to manage a large volume of customer orders and meet varied fulfillment objectives. The application helps users manage customer order allocation and new product deployment planning throughout the supply chain. Infor VISUAL ERP Order Management helps you achieve optimized fulfillment, rapid order processing cycles, cost-effective sourcing of inventory to customer orders, and increased revenue with capabilities such as substitution, cross-selling items, and value added services.

  • Save time processing orders with easy-to-use Windows features and "Drag and Drop" capabilities
  • Improve customer support, order monitoring, and order maintenance with access to detailed order status information
  • Confirm current inventory availability and future availability
  • Define primary and alternate warehouses for each customer
  • Track inventory easily
  • Reserve inventory for priority customers with future ship dates
  • Generate customer orders from quotes to automatically create order line item details within firmed work orders
  • Access online information including customer open order balance, open receivable amounts, last payment date, average payment days, last order date, and total payments
  • Verify credit limits and aged receivables when entering customer orders
  • Calculate sales tax by order or by individual line item
  • Access information about customers including, but not limited to, customer-specific price lists, discounts by part and customer, and online credit checking, as well as customer specific part numbers, descriptions, and drawing numbers
  • Specify sales commission splits with variable percentages
  • Print pre-formatted sales acknowledgments, sales orders, invoices, and shipping labels, as well as comprehensive sales analysis reports by product code, customer, or sales representative
  • Create multiple delivery schedules and shipping addresses, allowing quick and easy entry of blanket orders for customers
  • Fully support RMA (Return Material Authorization) information for customer orders