Infor Visual ERP - Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Any organization that exchanges information can use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), including enterprises involved in procurement/purchasing, finance, trade and transport, health, law, and revenue/tax collection. EDI can help you reduce paperwork and administrative lead times, send timely business transactions, access information quickly and easily, and eliminate redundant data entry. These benefits allow your enterprise to adopt more efficient practices such as Just-In-Time, Quick Response, and Direct Store Delivery.

To achieve the maximum benefit of implementing EDI, you must integrate this business process with your existing enterprise systems. Infor Visual ERP Data Interchange helps you accomplish this task by providing a link between the EDI data and your Infor Visual ERP software. This optional module works with your EDI software to import and export data between your Infor Visual ERP database and the EDI application. You can import firm demand to customer orders, track cumulative quantities, and maintain fabricated and raw material authorizations. In addition, the customer order import allows you to automatically access and update pricing, units of measure, contact information, terms of sale, and ship-to information if needed.

Use VISUAL EDI to reduce paperwork, conduct business transactions in a timely manner, and eliminate redundant data entry.