Infor Visual ERP Workflow and Messages

What is Infor Visual ERP Workflow?

Workflow allows companies to automate their business processes, integrating policies and procedures with information flow according to predefined conditions or rules. Infor Visual ERP Workflow is a business process management tool that allows information to pass from one person or department to another through a process cycle.

What comes with Infor Visual ERP Workflow?

The ability for your users to conveniently track the progress and monitor the status of documents using Workflow, automate business processes, route documents throughout the organization, ensure information stays up to date, shorten the lifecycle of more lengthy manual processes, create workflow tasks for users, initiate approvals for workflow steps, track individual workflow documents throughout the process and assign e-mail notification for workflow steps. You can also:

  • Generate and route automatic messages to one or more recipients based on events that occur within Infor Visual ERP.
  • Specify standard messages, or define your own variable content message.
  • Include binary data, pictures, bitmaps, and text documents.
  • Direct messages to company e-mail, Internet e-mail, user workstations, pagers, cellular phones, printers, and fax machines.
  • Choose between multiple event types, including user defined queries.
  • Set up automatic database queries.
  • Request status information on messages.

What can you do with Infor Visual ERP Workflow?

Infor Visual ERP Messages is a powerful workflow communication tool for your manufacturing business. It transmits important information to the appropriate person, either within or outside of your company, using the familiar features of e-mail. For example, you can automatically send an e-mail message to your customer when you ship their order. In addition to e-mail, Infor Visual ERP Messaging also delivers alerts to user workstations, pagers, cellular phones, printers, and fax machines. You define the important events within the manufacturing process that trigger Infor Visual ERP to create and transmit messages to key personnel. This allows your employees to focus on other business without the necessity of constantly "checking in," while ensuring that they will be informed of, and can act on, critical information.

Use VISUAL Workflow to design the processes you want your employees to use as they perform their day-to-day business tasks in VISUAL.